System Recovery: Refresh your computer without affecting files in Windows 8

Bad day? System break down? No problem, you can refresh your computer without affecting ANY of your files. handy!

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Why do we need to refresh our PC?

Refreshing PC means re installing the Windows. For some reason if certain settings of our PC are changed, or some Applications or software are downloaded without our conscience leading to some problems in the Windows, refreshing the PC reinstalls the Windows, removes the installed applications but keeps the Metro Apps and other important settings. The best features of refreshing the PC are that there is no need to back up the data in any external hard drive and restore it later on.

What are the procedures that are done during refreshing?

When you refresh your PC following things happen:

i. Your files and personalization settings doesn’t change.

ii. Your PC settings will be changed back to their defaults.

iii. Apps from Windows Store will be kept.

iv. Apps you installed from discs or websites will be removed.

v. A list of removed Apps will be saved on your desktop.

Steps to refresh your PC without affecting the files in Windows 8 :-

1. Press Windows + C to open the Windows Charm Screen.

Charm Screen

2. Select Settings->More PC Settings.

More Settings

3. From the PC Settings Select General.

Select General

4. In the right side of the PC Settings, Under the General Find Refresh Your PC without affecting your files and click on Get started.

Select Get Started

5. Now a screen will come as the following image. Click Next to refresh your PC.

Get Started

Now an option will come Preparing. While the Windows performs the Refresh process, it will restart a number of times and the entire process may take 10-15 minutes. In the meantime WinAAdows 8 reinstalls a clean version of it.

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