System properties: Enable remote desktop in Windows 8 for remote connections

To allow remote assistance connections, you first have to make sure the remote desktop feature is enabled.
Allow Remote Assistance Connections To This Computer

Windows 8 features the remote desktop option to enable access to your PC from other computers. This is a great feature that has been introduced since Windows XP. One has to be careful when using this service because this could lead to system data being lost or stolen in case unauthorized access is granted. If you need remote access to your PC or want to give it to someone else to fix a problem you have, here is what to do.

1.Press the Win+R hot key to initiate the Run dialog box. Type cmd and press Enter.

Type CMD in run and press Enter

2. In the command prompt that opens up, type in SystemPropertiesRemote.exe. When you hit Enter, you would be prompted with a new window having a list of remote network connection options. Make sure to select the 2nd radio button that says Allow connections from Computers running any version of Remote Desktop (less secure). Now Click OK

Type systempropertiesremote.exe and click allow for remote connections

4. Obtain the IP address of your computer by typing ipconfig in the command prompt. Your IP address is the one which has IPv4 Address written against it.

Telnet Installation finished successfully

5. On the machine from which you want to access the newly setup remote desktop, once again press the Win+R hot key and type in mstsc without the quotes. Enter the IP that you received from your own system to get connected.

Type mstsc and hit Enter


Make sure that you disable the settings for remote connection once you are done with it in order to avoid unauthorized access of your system.

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