Surface Integration: Using Skype On Windows 8 Is A Breeze

Ll_skype On Metro Windows 8 Too Thumb2 Microsoft has released some information regarding Skype on Windows Phone 8 and now there’s a marketing image that shows what looks like Skype running full screen on a Surface tablet.

Microsoft Slowly Lets On About Skype On Windows 8 And Windows Phone 8

Microsoft recently released information about better VoIP on Windows Phone 8 which will include better Skype. This will allow developers to tap in directly in to the calling and contact card setup. Skype will be deeply integrated in to the system and it will appear as an option beside phone numbers, messaging links and the likes. There’s in fact a vide on YouTube that shows off the app —

As for the main Windows 8, Microsoft has been leaving several clues laying around in its marketing material. Ed Bott of ZDNet has been picking them up one by one. The first on his list is the above image of what looks to be Skype’s Metro version running full screen on a Surface tablet. Next there’s a text description on an official page that says “Snap two apps side-by-side onscreen and do more at once. Use Skype to chat with friends while blogging, or record seminars and workshops while taking notes in OneNote.”

There’s also mention of “Stereo speakers and dual microphones tuned for Skype,” on a page that since been taken down and only retrieved through cache. The Surface page clearly gave too much away about Skype than Microsoft intended to at this point. And this page was specifically talking about Windows RT version of the tablets that cannot run desktop applications. So this has to be a new Skype app. And if Skype is available on Surface and Surface RT at launch, it must mean availability on the Windows Store through which it can be used by any Windows RT device. Microsoft has not announced anything officially about a touch version of Skype but then it is far too obvious to not do it. How else would it be integrated in to a platform that claims to be “touch first”. And how else would Microsoft justify the $8.5 billion that was spent to acquire Skype.

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