Stop A Shutdown In Progress Via Shortcut in Windows 8 (Works on 7 Too)

Ever wanted to cancel a shutdown in progress? No problem, here’s a tutorial to help you create a shortcut to stop the shutdown

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Sometimes it happens, that, after clicking the shutdown button you suddenly realize, you have some unfinished job to do. Then you immediately need to cancel the shutdown operation. But it takes much time to open run window and type command to cancel or abort the shutdown process. So, it is better to create a shortcut in your desktop to abort the shutdown process. It will surely increase the chance of successful cancelation of shutdown operation.

The following steps will serve your purpose.

Steps to Stop the Shut down from a Shortcut in Windows 8

1. First of all, right-click on the empty area on your desktop, and click on New->Shortcut option in the context menu.

Select Shortcut

2. Type the following command into the location area.

shutdown.exe -a

Then click on the Next button.

Type Command

3. Type Cancel Shutdown or anything you want in Type a name for the shortcut text field, and click on the Finish button.


4. The main process is completed. Now, you need to find a suitable icon for this shortcut so that you can find this shortcut quickly because after clicking on shutdown button you will get very little time to cancel the shutdown operation.

5. Right-click on Cancel Shutdown shortcut on the Desktop and click on Properties. Under Shortcut tab, click on the Change Icon button.

Change Icon

6. Choose a proper icon for the shortcut. You can find a collection of icons in C:\Windows\System32\imageres.dll location. Choose an appropriate one.

Select Icon
7. Move the shortcut to the place where you can get easy access.

That’s all. These are the steps to create a Shutdown Cancel or Abort icon.

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