Steve Ballmer Announces ‘Windows 8’ Release Date

Breaking News: Steve Ballmers says Windows 8 will be coming in 2012. He accidentally called it Windows 8, but there’s more to it.

Windows 8 Release Date Announced

Microsoft Retracts Comments Made By Steve Ballmer At Japan Conference

According to an official transcript posted by Microsoft themselves, Steve Ballmer touched upon the subject of the next version of Windows. He called it Windows 8 and said that it will be available by next year.

However, soon after this caused a whole lot of ripples in the tech world, Microsoft issued a statement saying that its CEO misspoke and that the statement regarding the version name and release date was indeed, a misstatement. This retraction instead said that the company was waiting for the next generation Windows 7 hardware and that it would be coming out in the next fiscal year. It also mentioned that the company was yet to announce the name and release year for the next version of Windows 7.

What does it mean for Windows 8?

This by itself actually does not mean all that much except that it is the first high level confirmation of some kind to have come from Microsoft regarding the official name and release year of the next Windows. It was probably another faux pas on Microsoft’s part but other than that, it does not reveal much else.

Microsoft has a history of not letting the larger masses know what the name is going to be and hence it is possible that they will yet again announce it just weeks before the release like they did with Windows 7. So far, there’s no indication of the name being anything other than Windows 8. The closest possible first ever official showing of the next version of Windows is said to the All Things Digitial D9 conference next week. Whichever way that thing goes, it is bound to be an interesting week.

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