Speed Benchmarks: Windows 8 Clearly Faster Than Windows 7 In Benchmark Tests

Windows 8 has been consistently performing at the top against Windows 7 in multiple benchmark tests that are used to gauge a OS’ performance, speed, etc.

Windows 8 Better Than Windows 7 At Most Benchmark Tests

This shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anyone — Windows 8 Consumer Preview has been beating Windows 7 at most of the benchmark tests performed on both platforms. The tests were run by the good people of PC World and the results show that Windows 8 is a much more fine tuned cat than its predecessor Windows. Most of the tests showed that Windows 8 was overall faster and in some cases much faster that Windows 7.

Since this was a comparison test, both platforms were tested on the same machine configuration — Intel Core i5-2500K at 3.3 GHz, 8 GB of RAM, 1 TB hard drive, and an NVIDIA GTX 560 Ti video card. It was benchmarked with the WorldBench 7 batch of tests and Windows 8 scored 14% over Windows 7. The report says that 5% performance difference is a noticeable difference, which means 14% is considerably better.

Things that were faster on Window 8 included things like: –

Start up time — 36.8 seconds against 56.2
Web performance through WebVizBench — 28.6 FPS against 18.9

However, Windows 7 was seen being faster at content creation than Windows 8. The difference was very subtle though and it is possible that Windows 8 just needs better drives for the components in order to perform better at heavy load content creating tasks as well. But that would only happen once Windows 8 is commercially launched.

For content creation, Windows 7 scored higher than Windows 8 on PCMark. The scores for Office productivity were — 2280 for Windows 7 and 2099 for Windows 8.

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