Sound: How to enable microphone in Windows 8

Hangout on Google+, Video Chat on facebook or call on Skype, you need to enable your microphone to be heard. Learn how to enable your microphone.

enable microphone Windows 8

Enable microphone in Windows 8

To use your microphone for voice chat or recording etc, you need to enable your microphone. In Windows 8, the microphone is enabled by default. You need to make sure that your audio driver is installed correctly and the microphone is listed as a recording device. If you by any case need to enable your micrphone manually, follow the steps mentioned below;

1. In the Metro Start Menu, click on the lower left corner. The Start menu pops up. Click on Search.

metro search

2. From the Apps list that appears, click on Control Panel.

control panel

3. In the Control Panel , click on More Settings. This will take you to Control Panel window.

more settings

4. Click on Sound.


5. Open the Recording tab, select Microphone from the list and click on Properties button.

Microphone Properties

6. In Device usage option, select Use this device (enable) from the drop down list and click Ok.

enable microphone

Windows 8 discovers your microphone as you plug it in but some applications may alter the microphone settings which can be manually undone.

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