Some Early Screenshots Of The Windows 8 Installer Hint At 2012 Release Date

Some early screenshots of the Windows 8 installer leaked onto the internet. Supposedly, the installer screenshots are taken from Windows 8 build 6.1.78xx M1. More after the break.

Windows 8 Installer Screenshots

Let’s take a closer look at the screenshot:
Windows 8 Installer 1

At the bottom it says “Copyright 2012” – Could that be a hint that Windows 8 is planned for 2012, rather than 2013?

The fact that the Russian leaker Zukona states that the screenshots are taken from build 6.1.78xx M1 makes me wonder why they would label a Windows 8 build as 6.1.

At the CES 2011, Microsoft presented a Windows 8 build with the build number 6.2.7867. So, is it really a Windows 8 build? Why would some leaked screenshots show us a build 6.2?

Keep in mind, they are also working on Windows 7 SP2. Windows 7 is using the Windows version Windows NT 6.1. From my point of view this could also be a Windows 7 build. Don’t you agree?

As always, take everything with a grain of salt, because Windows 8 is and will highly speculative for a long time. I’m not even convinced they are going to call it Windows 8. Maybe they’ll come up with a trendy name later this year when they start marketing the beta. Yes, I speak of marketing the beta, because that’s exactly when it begins. In fact, marketing begins right now on a small scale. Quite possible that some of the leaks are intended.

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