SoC News: Windows 8 To See A Lot Of Tegra 3 Courtesy NVIDIA

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We are very likely to see a lot of Tegra 3 powered Windows 8 devices soon, if what NVIDIA claims is true.

NVIDIA Raises Sales Forecast For Tegra 3 With Windows 8 Close By

Graphics bigwig NVIDIA has just raised their sales expectations for the second quarter of this year and has been talking about the increasing success of its Tegra 3 SoC (System on a Chip). And the increase in Tegra 3 demand can be directly attributed to the smartphones, tablets and hybrid devices that will come out of the whole Windows 8 wave.

The SoC is definitely a great platform for such devices but then there’s just one problem that NVIDIA has to solve right now — keep up with the demands of the market when it comes to supplying the GPU’s. The company did not anticipate this much demand and has consequently fallen short of supply from its manufacturers. So Tegra 3’s success will ultimately depend on whether NVIDIA can solve this issue quickly.

NVIDIA also expects to make it big in the Ultrabook market. Rather, in the Ultrabook competition market because Ultrabook is an Intel brand that NVIDIA is competing with. Using the ARM-based SoC, NVIDIA can easily trump Intel in terms of battery life, mobility thinness. However, it will be difficult for the GPU giant to beat Intel at providing processing power to match up to the Core series with the latest Ivy Bridge chips in place.

These details came out from the NVIDIA’s first quarter financial report, where sales were hurt due to the non-availability of the 22nm chips that the company depends on for its line of high-end graphics solutions and more.

NVIDIA has great things to say about the new Kepler series GPUs but has again mentioned that supply is still a problem and it will remain a problem going forward through the rest of the year. That information came straight from NVIDIA CEO Karen Burns.
Tegra 3 is the first ever quad-core ARM SoC and it also has a fifth Ninja core for dedicated touch input processing. It has a become a favored platform for super phones and tablets in general.

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