Smart Reboot And Recovery: Windows 8 Automatically Shows You Recovery Options When Problems Occur

Microsoft has promised to put an end to the endless cycle of reboots when Windows faces a problem.
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Windows 8 Will Automaticaly Bring Up Recovery Options And Stop Reboots

Windows 8 will apparently be smart enough to put an end to all the reboots that tend to happen when Windows faces a problem. Chris Clark, a program manager from the Windows User Experience team, penned a post on the new Windows Boot options. There he talked about how the Windows 8 boot times will be under 7 seconds when used with an SSD. He also talked about how the user will be able to trigger boot options in alternative ways since hitting the right key during the actual boot process would be quite hard for most users if not all.

In that post, he also talked about the apparent smartness that the team has built in to the Windows 8 boot process. This is a solution to end all those reboots that the machine would go through if something was preventing the OS from booting properly. Windows 8 will apparently have a smart system built right in to the OS where it will automatically take the user to the boot options menu when it detects two unsuccessful boot attempts in a row. These are new tools that will step in as soon as they detect problems with booting. These tools are now embedded right in to the system.

Windows has gone through this problem before. Upgrades and faulty drivers have often sent the machine in to unending reboot cycles. But with the new system in place, Windows will launch in to the Recovery Environment as soon as it detects two failed attempts. Recovery Envrironment is the name of the new set of diagnostic and recovery tools that will come embedded in the system. With faster boot times, Microsoft has built in multiple ways to trigger boot options outside of the usual F2 and F8 pause keys.

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