Show/view hidden files in Windows 8 – simply unhide them!

You can quickly unhide files in Windows 8 using a few built-in folder options

View Hidden Files

Windows 8 classifies certain files as hidden files. System files are generally classified as hidden by the Windows 8 itself so that user cannot change the settings of the files. Another kind of files that are hidden, are the ones marked as Hidden in the properties folder. This can be done by the user himself depending on his needs. You cannot see these kinds of files while working in Windows 8.
Viewing hidden files is quite easy in Windows 8 compared to the previous versions of Windows.

The following steps will help you to view hidden files in Windows 8.

Steps to view hidden files

1. Open the Windows Explorer.

Open Explorer

2. Select View from the Menu Bar.

Find View

3. There is an option called Hidden items.

Find Hidden items

4. Left click on the box beside the Hidden items to mark it.


5. Now all the hidden items are visible.

View Hidden Files

6. Again if you want to hide the hidden items, unmark the Hidden items option by left clicking on the box beside.

Unmark Hidden Files

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