Should You Wait For Windows 8?

Windows 8 Ultrabook Lenovo Yoga Hybrid Convertible Touchscreen_thumb.jpg 1As the dust settles behind the release fanfare of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, many consumers are wondering whether this is a bad time to invest in a PC.

Making PC Purchase Decisions In The Light Of Windows 8

Let me give you a spoiler straight away — the answer to the title question is very subjective. It depends some important factors whether you should buy a PC now or wait for Windows 8. Here’s the main factors: —


Windows 8 brings one major hardware change in its wake — the rise of the touchscreen in the mainstream. It is a mainstream OS build primarily for touch and you can bet real large that a lot of new devices coming out with the Windows 8 commercial release will have interesting touch features like being a hybrid or with innovative touch features built in to a laptop. If you are going to miss that futuristic feel, don’t buy now. If you couldn’t care less about touch, you are free to buy.

Processing Power

…is going to increase before Windows 8 hits when Intel upgrades to Ivy Bridge in April/May this year. However, that is when you will be tempted to buy sleek new devices like the Acer Aspire A5 or Samsung Series 9 that we saw at CES this year. Since all of these will support Windows 8 for sure, you can buy them. However, there are again catches — they won’t be as touch friendly as the ones that might come out later and there may be price drops around the holiday season when Windows 8 will come out.

Other New Technologies

Windows 8 will bring a host of new technologies that you won’t get right now, like NFC (Near Field Communication) and better native support for certain hardware. Some of them need specific hardware to be built in. If staying futureproof matters to you, then don’t buy now. However, most consumers will easily get by the coming year or two without having to adopt these new technologies. So you can buy now if you want to.

Legacy Applications

If you all your work is done on applications that will become legacy in Windows 8, you don’t really have to look at Windows 8. You are happy on Windows 7 and the only reason for you to wait can be price drop and the better processors we talked about earlier. Hold out a month or two more and then you can go shopping.

So go over this list and prioritize what’s important to you. Remember that Windows 8 can be installed on all modern PCs and its advanced features like NFC will take at least till end of 2013 to become widely used.

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