Shortcuts: How to create a “File History” shortcut in Windows 8?

Want to create a “File History” shortcut in Windows 8 Release Preview? Let’s do it

File History Shortcut Image

What is the File History?

This feature of the operating system keeps redundant copies of your files in your hard drive or external devices as a safe guard against accidental damage or deletion of those files. Thus if you have deleted any file from your My Documents folder or from Favourites or any other specific folder, this feature will help you to get back all those files, even deleted permanently.

It is recommended that you keep those backup files in a external drive, so that, you can retrieve those files later even if your hard disk is damaged. If you want to create a File History shortcut to your desktop, follow the steps carefully.

1. Open the desktop by pressing Windows + M.

2. Right click on the desktop and select New -> Shortcut.

New Shortcut

3. Now type or copy paste the line given below in the Shortcut Location.

“%WinDir%\explorer.exe shell:::{F6B6E965-E9B2-444B-9286-10C9152EDBC5}” and click Next.

Shortcut Location

4. Now write File history in the Shortcut Name and click Finish.

 give Shortcut Name

Now, you are done with it. You can change the default icon with your choosen one. Also you can pin the new shortcut to Start Menu or
Taskbar. To open the File History next time, you have to just click on it and that’s all.

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