Screen: Modern Tidy Windows 8 Task Manager With Task UI

Windows 8 might have a pretty tidy task manager with a completely new UI. Here’s a screenshot, check out the bigger screen after the break.

The New Modern Windows 8 Task Manager

The updated task manager comes with a revamped UI. Obviously, the UI is not finished yet, it still lacks some of the main tabs like “Performance”. Well, at least I would be surprised if they would separate the performance monitor and remove it from the task manager that has been around since the earliest Windows days.

The Windows 8 Task Manager And The New Task UI

Image: Modern Task Manager – Windows 8 Build 7850

Still, you have to admit, the new UI is a lot tidier. I really like how they now have a group for system critical processes. If you don’t know what Windows services are critical and you end that process via the task manager you normally could crash Windows easily or make it auto-restart – that problem will be gone in Windows 8, because now it is very clear what processes are critical.

As you can see the Snipping tool is still available in this Windows 8 build (M1 Build 7850). But according to some leaks, the snipping tool might get a revamp as well.

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