Sasmung Series 5 Windows 8 Hybrid PC

Samsung was one of multiple companies to show off a new hybrid Windows 8 device at Computex earlier this week.

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Samsung Shows Off Windows 8 Hybrid At Computex 2012

Samsung has been busy showing off its Series 5 notebook/tablet hybrid at the Computex 2012 event amidst a bevy of other companies touting similar offerings. This was a prototype version of something that is yet to be announced. Called the Samsung Series 5 Hybrid PC, it is essentially a tablet device running on Windows 8 that come with a keyboard dock for turning in to a notebook form factor.

The display measures 11inch and has a widescreen aspect ratio. The docking system used to attach the keyboard dock to the tablet is magnetic. Those who got the chance to have to some hands on time with the device have reported the system being easy enough to use but did not feel very secure. This is clearly because it is still at the prototype stage and it will hopefully be solved before it comes to the market as an official product. Samsung has not put in an extra battery in the kayboard unit so far. That would have stabilized the dock much more through the added weight. And extra battery life, like what we have on the Asus Transformer Prime’s keyboard dock, is quite desirable in such devices.

There are two versions of the Series 5 Hybrid PC as of now. One is using the Intel’s latest Clover Trail Atom chip and other will have the low power variants of the Core i5/i7 chips from Intel. Due the difference in the chips, they have different cooling and battery cofigurations. This gives to rise to the few minor differences the two models have visibly.

Talking about the battery power, the Atom model is likely to give 10 hours but no estimates are available for the model running Intel Core series chips. However, since both are running on Intel chips, they will be able to support legacy apps. This will be their main advantage over ARM chips, other than the extra processing power in case of the Core chip weilding models.

They should be available later this year as Windows 8 is officially launched by Microsoft.

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