Samsung Is Building A Powerful Windows 8 Tablet

The new Samsung Series 7 Windows 8 tablet could turn out to be a force to reckon with for the laptops in the market.

Samsung Series 7 Windows 8 Tablet gives laptops a run for their money

New Samsung Tablet Is Ready To Take On Laptops And Win

The new Samsung Series 7 tablet that is now undergoing tests with various reviewers, seems like a strong new contender as the next laptop-replacement device. Of course, given its heft and bulk, there’s no way it is replacing the iPad anytime soon (it is twice as heavy as the iPad). But is in fact quite a bit lighter than almost all laptops in the market and with the keyboard dock that can be purchased separately, it can be turned in to a very effective laptop replacement.

Combining the light weight with the instant boot times, it is quite ahead of laptops in many ways. Even though ultrabooks are trying to catch up to this, they will never be able to match up to the sheer portability of an actual tablet. And Windows 8 just changes the game completely by being the first OS to allow tablets to run full-fledged work environments and productivity suites such as MS Office. Most reviewers are quite impressed with the amount of usability that the Desktop area retains even when put on to a tablet. The only thing missing would be processing power but that is usually only a problem for creative professionals.

Since the Samsung tablet is an Intel-based one, it will allow the user to run legacy Windows applications on the Desktop. This makes is extremely useful to the corporate who probably has an old application that is crucial to his/her workflow. Following along the same line — Windows 8 is quite Enterprise friendly and is very easy for IT admins at businesses to regulate. It can support data security regulations and will allow the employee to bring in his own device in to office — a feature that is a big highlight for Windows 8 in the enterprise context.

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