Samsung Has Begun Taking Pre-Orders For Windows 8 PCs

Joining the Windows 8 brigade in the pre-order frenzy, Samsung has announced the beginning of its pre-order for its Windows 8 PCs.

Samsung starts taking pre-orders for Windows 8 PC line up

Samsung Windows 8 PCs Are Now Up For Pre-Order

If you have been waiting to lay your hands on one of those Samsung Windows 8 PCs or simply want to get a Windows 8 PC as soon as it is released, Samsung has just started taking pre-orders for its new Windows 8 line. You can have your pick from the ATIV Smart PC, the Series 5 Ultra Touch, Series 7 notebook, Series 9 Premium Ultrabook and also the Series 5 and Series 7 All-In-One PCs. This whole line up will be available starting from October 26th and are up for pre-order as of now.

Samsung has more or less upgraded to Windows 8 in each segment as it focuses its energies on monetizing Windows 8 in every way possible. Given that the new OS from Microsoft brings in touch and mobile functionality in big ways, it is easy to see Samsung working hard on building touch-oriented designs and of course — tablets. The pricing varies according to the device but do not expect any rock bottom prices right now. Samsung is sticking to the average Windows 8 device pricing and sometimes also going in to the premium segment.

This is a good time to point out the fact that this Korean electronics giant was in fact the first to make a Windows 8 device officially outside of Microsoft. The Windows 8 tablets that were given out to developers about 10 months back at the BUILD2011 conference held by Microsoft were made by Samsung. And since then they have been actively working on developing as many Windows 8 devices as they possibly can. Samsung has already announced its intentions to release a Windows Phone 8 device that will be of the same class as Samsung Galaxy line of Android phones.

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