Samsung Ativ Windows 8 Tablet Priced At $800 On AT&T

Samsung Ativ Windows 8 Tablet Smart Pc Thumb Samsung’s Ativ tablet is now on AT&T’s roster and it is available for $800 from both the online and retail stores of the carrier.

Samsung Ativ Windows 8 Tablet Now On AT&T For $800

The Samsung Ativ has finally hit AT&T’s roster and is currently on offer for $800 as the starting price. It is certainly not a competitive price when you think about the myriad Android tablets and the existing iPads out there that start at less than half the price. However, those are all ARM tablets and there are also Windows 8 tablets in that price range but they too are ARM tablets running Windows RT.

Samsung Ativ Windows 8 tablet smartpc coming on AT&T for $800

The Ativ is a Samsung Smart PC that is running the full version of Windows 8 and it can also be upgraded to Windows 8 Pro. And it is more likely to find a place amongst big businesses instead of the usual consumer. With support for the full Windows 8 experience, Enterprises would find it easy to deploy through their employees.

One of the most impotant parts is that it is running on full Windows 8, which is fully backward compatible with Windows 7 and much from Vista and XP.

The Ativ comes with a 1.5Ghz Intel Atom dual-core chip, 4G connectivity built in, 11.6inch HD IPS LCD display and 64GB of internal SSD storage with one microSD card slot for storage expansion up to 32GB of extra memory. Connectivity options other than the built in 4G include a $40 dock with built in USB port and Ethernet (RJ45) port. There’s a $40 VGA adapter available. Availability is November 9 from AT&T stores for $800.

What remains to be seen is whether the full Windows 8 experience with its Enterprise supporting features (after upgrading to Windows 8 Pro) and its backwards compatibility warrants for a $800 and upwards spend. The PC market is still pretty soft when it come to expensive equipment and consumers are busy looking in the bargain bin than at the high-end shelf.

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