Rumors: Windows 8 to Come with Touch Screen Compatible IE10?

It is being reported that Windows 8 could come bundled with Internet Explorer 10. While this is not a surprise, there is a rumour circulating that suggests Internet Explorer 10 could be 100% touch enabled.

windows 8 internet explorer

If Windows 8 Came With A Touch Screen IE 10 Would This Be A Surprise?

Releasing IE10 at the same time as Windows 8 will not be the surprise as this is something that has been carried out with previous version of Windows. However, the rumour that it could be touch enabled will be a surprise to many, as this is the first time it has been mentioned. The release of Windows 8 will also increase the amount of people using touch screen technology; therefore, it does seem like the right time for there to be a fully compatible touch screen Internet Explorer.
When you think about all the information that we have heard in regard to Windows 8, it does not seem strange that a touch compatible browser is in the pipeline. When you take into account that windows are working on a more touch friendly operating system and that the internet is one of the main reasons why we use computers, this automatically suggests a touch compatible Internet explorer.

Windows 8 will be Touch Friendly

Microsoft and unofficial sources rather hyped up the use of touch screen before Windows 7 was released claiming that its touch screen capabilities would almost lead to the extinction of the mouse; however, this has not been the case. Windows 8 looks like it is taking one giant step toward complete touch screen compatibility, a move which will be extremely popular with technology enthusiasts.
windows 8 internet explorer


While still unconfirmed, it would be a surprise not to see a fully touch screen compatible Internet explorer 10 released with Windows 8, what remains to be seen is if this will be ready in time for release, or if it will be available in an update.

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