Rumors Suggest Lumia 1001 As The First Windows Phone 8 Device From Nokia

Windows Phone 8 is hardly a few months away and the rumors are as usual rife with information and speculation about the first ever Nokia Windows Phone 8, called the Lumia 1001 apparently.

Unreleased Lumia 1001 model name spied on Nokia developer tool

Rumors Describe Lumia 1001 As First Windows Phone 8 Device From Nokia

A new Lumia device called Lumia 1001 was discovered amongst some Bluetooth settings and it has since then been central to the speculations surrounding the upcoming release of Windows Phone devices from Nokia. The device name was found inside the Nokia Remote Device Access tool. It is a tool that allows developers to connect to real Nokia devices remotely to test out applications. The Lumia 1001’s name comes in searches for other Bluetooth enabled devices from Nokia, which means it has been officially added by Nokia. There’s also a doppelganger of the Lumia 910 on the list but that is presumably the US version of the original Lumia 910.

There are several theories about this new mystery phone. The most obvious is what the headline says — it is the next phone in the Nokia release line and it is going to be the first to carry Windows Phone 8.

Other theories put it as the next PureView phone and the first of its kind to sport Windows Phone. This is because the name ‘1001’ is a very plausible successor to the original ‘808’ PureView phone. Nokia had, at the time of releasing the 808, promised to bring it to Windows Phone.

The safest theory is to believe its existence within Nokia labs because the entry is quite real and then to not speculate any further. Not all test models make to the production line and the 1001 may suffer the fate of many such models that came and went to the big pile of discarded devices that fill up a tightly guarded locker of any kind of hardware development lab.

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