Rumor: Windows 8 Could Have Mac-OS-X-Like Feature “History Vault”

We know that Microsoft took a greater look at its competition and Apple’s Mac OS X before they started developing Windows 8. Here’s the latest rumor: Windows 8 is going to have a backup feature similar to the Mac OS X feature “Time Machine”.

Windows 8 Mac OS X Features: History Vault

Time Machine is a pretty popular Mac OS X feature. The feature is useful for backing up your system and taking a “snapshot” of your current system.

Windows 7 users can use the “system restore” feature to restore their computer, Windows 8 might even have the rumored “reset to factory default” feature, but the History Vault Windows 8 feature is supposedly a bit more sophisticated.

Users, supposedly, will be able to restore different versions of their files, depending on the file timestamps. Obviously, this would take a lot of disk space, so I suppose that users could specify the location of their “History Vaults”, so that only certain folders will provide different versions. Of course there would be a GUI for restoring old documents and files.

Or if they keep it simple it will be a more advanced version of the current Windows 7 backup feature. That’s the general idea at least.

I could imagine that Microsoft will try to beat Apple’s Mac OS X in every way – features, price, look. Well, it’s not difficult to have more features than Mac OS X and let’s not even talk about the price. Don’t get me wrong, I’m ok if you use a Mac, but you can’t tell me that it’s easier to work with than a Windows 7 PC. Everyone I know grew up with Windows, that’s one of the greatest Windows advantages – most people are used to it.

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