Restore and add the quick lanuch toolbar to Windows 8

If you are missing the old Windows XP style quick launch toolbar in Windows 8, here’s how to get it.

Quick launch toolbar Windows 8

Add quick launch toolbar in Windows 8

Windows 7 and Windows 8 brought new features and customisations to the conventional windows operating systems. One of these is the discontinuation of the quick launch toolbar which is replaced by the Pin to Taskbar feature. If you are used to the old windows XP quick launch toolbar, follow the steps below to add it to your taskbar.

1. In the Metro Start Menu, click on the Desktop tile.


2. Right click on the taskbar below and select Toolbars –> New toolbar.


3. Navigate to C:\Users\Default\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer. Select the Quick Launch folder.

quick launch

4. Now unlock the taskbar by right clicking and then unchecking Lock the taskbar.

lock taskbar

5. Right click on the dotted boundary next to the Quick Launch and uncheck both Show Text & Show title .

quick launch toolbar

6. Now you can adjust the location of the Quick launch toolbar by dragging it next to the start menu. Once the location is adjusted, right click and check Lock the taskbar to lock its location.

lock taskbar

The new Pin to taskbar feature in Windows 8 is handy and flexible over the conventional quick launch toolbar but users with experience of older version of windows might not be comfortable with it. They may therefore have the quick launch option in Windows 8.

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