Release Date of Windows 8 in 2012?

Although 2012 might be the end of the world there might be a good chance that Microsoft will release Windows 8 in that year.
After the Windows 8 news leak on, Steve Ballmer confirmed that they are working on Windows 8 and it is supposed to be released in 2012.

Some people might argue that Microsoft won’t be able to release a brand-new Winows in less than 4 years. Although, Microsoft has greater resources than any other ‘real’ software company it might be pretty tough.

Windows Vista: Development began in 2001 Codename: Longhorn
Release: After 6 years

Windows 7: Development began in 2007 after Windows Vista was released.
Release: After 2 years

Windows 7 is not a major release, but Windows 8 will be. Microsoft has teams working on 5 different systems and probably one of the largest development teams is the Windows 8 team. It will be the quickest development of a major Windows release, let’s hope they can do it!

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