Release Date News: Windows 8 Reportedly Coming By October This Year (2012)

According to a report from Bloomberg, Microsoft will be able to deliver the finished version of Windows 8 by the end of this year around October.
Windows 8 rumored to be coming in October 2012

Windows 8 Coming In Time For Early Christmas

Bloomberg has reported that Microsoft is on track for a late 2012 launch for Windows 8. The tech giant will apparently release the OS to manufacturers by the end of this summer and will officially launch the OS in October so that it has the period leading up to Christmas to gain everybody’s attention.

The publication, just like most other predictions about the upcoming OS, cited unnamed sources who were close to the matter. The report also said that there will be less then five ARM devices at the time of the launch, which seems to tie up to Dell, Lenovo and others claims. One of them, we believe will be from Nokia, given how tightly they are working with Microsoft at the moment.

The lighter ARM-based tablets running Windows 8 are what Microsoft will be depending on to carve out market share from the huge numbers that rival Apple now commands thanks to their iPad. The iOS maker in fact disclosed sales figures for the iPad on Monday during the earnings call saying that over 3 million iPads had already been sold since the Friday on-sale date.

Microsoft has already promised to ship ARM devices at the same time as other devices, making it possible for everyone to choose which one they want at the very beginning. However, since WoA (Windows on ARM) will not see a public preview like the main Windows 8, there are rumors about the actual progress being made.

If there are only abut five ARM tablets on the market at launch, then they might not pose that much threat to the iPad. However, combined with the x86 tablets that most companies are working on, Windows 8 might create a visible dent on the iPad’s market.

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