Registry Tweaks: Remove “Shortcut” Text from New Shortcuts in Windows 8 By Default

We have previously explained how to hide desktop icons text labels – in this tutorial we will use a registry tweak to hide it by default whenever you create new shortcuts. Cool!

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Not always but often we see that whenever we create a shortcut of any software, folder or application on the desktop the text “shortcut” is displayed which have to edit manually. If you are facing a problem like this and want to get rid of that, follow the tutorial to know how to remove the shortcut text from New Shortcuts in Windows 8.

Enabled Shortcut

Steps to remove “Shortcut” Text from New Shortcuts in Windows 8

1. Windows + C (Charm screen opens)-> Go to Search->In Apps Search field type regedit.exe to open the Registry Editor->Click on the icon of Registry editor to open it.

Search RegEdit

2. In the left side of the editor, there is an option called HKEY_CURRENT_USER. Click on the arrow beside to expand it and see the sub folders.


3. Now select Software and Click to expand it.

Select Software

4. Select Microsoft and expand.

Select Microsoft

5. Select Windows and expand.

Select Windows

6. Select CurrentVersion and expand.


7. Click Explorer. On the left side, there is a key called link. See that thee value is 1e 00 00 00.


8. Double click on it to edit the value and change it to 00 00 00 00 . Press OK. Close the registry editor. You are done. If you want to restore it, follow the above steps and change the value back again to 1e 00 00 00

Change Default

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