Recover Your Windows 8 Picture Password (When Your Forgot It)

Recovering a picture password is possible – here’s how

picture password Image

What is a Picture Password?

Well, Microsoft added a lots of security feature in windows 8. Microsoft added two new method of log in into the system.

1. Picture Password : The picture password feature is designed to highlight the parts of an image that are important to you, and it requires a set of gestures that allow you to accomplish this quickly and confidently. Obviously it is very secure, because mathematics shows that even a simplest image can create millions of gestures and highlights.

2. PIN : Personal Identification Number or PIN is used here as the same way you use in ATM. It is a four digit number, through which you can sign in to your account .

Experience a new way of signing in into windows with Picture Password that you never faced earlier versions of windows. Get out of the traditional password matching mechanism of signing in. Picture password is a sequence of gestures or actions performed on the selected image during set up. This actions in sequence is itself the password. To Sign in you must remember the image, the position, the action you taken on that position of that particular image in sequence. Simple, idea shows that, it is possible millions numbers of permutation of password keeping all the three (image, action & positions of actions taken) in consideration whether normal passwords can be guessed by finite computation. i.e. , it is more secure than you can imagine as ‘ Secure’.

What is picture password relearning?

The advantage of picture password can be a disadvantage for you. Because it is hard to remind the proper sequence of actions taken, the positions where you set the actions. i.e. , one can forget the picture password. Relearning process does not change the picture password, but it just show you the replay of the actions you took during password set up so that you can remind the password.

How to relearn picture password

To relearn picture password follow the steps below,

1. During signing in, click Switch to Password to sign in with your normal password.

Click Switch password

2. Press Windows key + C to activate charms bar. In the Charms bar click More PC Settings . Control Panel apps will launch. Then move to the Users tab. Watch carefully the Sign-in options & click Change picture password .

Check Sign in Options in Control Panel apps

3. In order to change or relearn, provide your administrative password. Now, windows will present you the picture & 3 options as, use the same picture, use different picture & relearn.To relearn the password click Replay buttuon.

Click Replay

4. In the new window tap on the image 3 times. Each tapping will show you the actions in sequence that you took on that image during picture password set up. To replay from beginning, click Start Over .

Tap on image to replay pattern

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