Qualcomm To Make Quad-Core Windows 8 Laptop That Matches Tablets In Sleekness

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Qualcomm is trying to design a Windows 8 laptop that is as thin as an iPad and hence much thinner and cooler than the Ultrabook standard made by Intel.

Windows 8 Laptop From Qualcomm To Beat Ultrabooks At Their Own Game?

Put this on your list of Windows 8 devices to watch out for — a super-thin and superlight laptop running Windows 8 that will match the thinness and lightness of a tablet. And no less than an iPad at that. At least that is what chipmaker Qualcomm is trying to achieve for their Windows 8 Endeavors.

It’s not something that has been told and attempted before though. Qualcomm will join the league of many other companies, some of them quite prominent, who have tried to beat the contemporary standards of thinness in the laptop and general portable devices category. However, being a mobile chip maker, Qualcomm does have an edge over other manufacturers.

They already have a quad-core design from ARM that they can implement with their SnapDragon line of mobile SoC’s. With this, they can easily make a quad-core device that is ultrathin. But the main challenge is getting the other components to fit in to a device that thin. Since Windows 8 runs on both ARM and x86 (Intel and AMD), this can boil down to become an out and out battle between the manufacturers of the two architectures.

Qualcomm has made this claim before — ARM chips don’t need fans to cool them (passive cooling) and hence devices can be really thin. They had even announced a series of devices called smartbooks which will be at par with laptops but thinner, lighter and hence much better. That project never happened.

Smartbooks were meant to Linux based, so the hopes of mass adoption were already pretty low before the project started. However, with Windows 8, there’s some serious light at the end of the tunnel that might just see a brand new category of devices.

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