Productivity: Create a “Force Shutdown” Computer Shortcut in Windows 7 or 8

Ever had to force-shutdown? Then you may appreciate this simple force-shutdown shortcut

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As we all know how to Shutdown a computer, the shutdown process is actually powering down of your machine’s main components like CPU, RAM Modules and Hard Disk Drives in a controlled manner. For Windows 7, the procedure of shutdown is very simple. Just Go to Start, and then in the Right pane you’ll find the Shutdown option. Just click it. But shutdown process in Windows 8 is a bit complicated and lengthy.

Press Windows + C to open Windows Charms Screen, then Go to Settings. Under Settings , click on the Power option, where you will get your machine shutdown option. So to avoid this problem, we can create a Shortcut of Shutdown also. Shortcuts for both Instant Shutdown and delayed shutdown can also be made.

By Instant Shutdown we mean that when we double click the Shortcut, the machine will shut down instantly with few seconds. But if you insert a delay then when you double click on the Delayed Shutdown Shortcut, your machine shutdown process will be delayed by the number of seconds specified by you. The following tutorial will help you to learn how to create a Force Shutdown Computer Shortcut in Windows 7 and 8.


Steps to How to Create a Force “ShutDown” Computer Shortcut in Windows 7 and 8

1. Right Click on an empty space in the desktop-> Go to New-> Click on Shortcut.

Open New Shortcut

2. If you want to create shortcut of shutdown instantly, then type the following command shutdown -s -f -t 00-> Click Next-> Go to step 4.

Instant Shutdown Command

3. OR If you want to create shortcut of shutdown with a delay and a special message type the following command shutdown -s -f -t ## -c “Your message here” where ## is where you can put any number from 0 to 315360000 which means your shutdown process is delayed by the specified number of seconds. The special message can be anything according to your choice-> Click Next-> Go to step 4.

Delay Shutdown Shortcut

4. Name the Shortcut as Shutdown-> Click Finish.

Name Shortcut As Shutdown

5. Your shortcut is created. Now select Shortcut-> Right Click and Go to Properties-> Click on Change Icon.

Click Change Icon

6. Select an Icon-> Click Apply-> Click OK-> Your shortcut is ready.

Shutdown Shortcut Ready

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