Productivity: Clear Clipboard in Windows 8 via CMD

If you want to learn how to clear the clipboard in Windows 8, just follow the steps below.
How to Clear Clipboard in Windows 8

Why Clearing Clipboard is Necessary?

While working with any sensitive information that needs to be completely secured, sometimes you might copy several contents to the clipboard which you might want to paste to several different places. All goes well till you keep on working with the sensitive information but you might not want to risk the exposure of this information just by leaving the copied contents in the clipboard.
There are some tools available in the market which claim that they clear Windows clipboard and also the clipboard can be cleared by copying any other content to it.
All above mentioned solutions are not as foolproof as they need to be and therefore if as a Windows 8 user you want to create a shortcut on the desktop that completely clears Windows clipboard permanently you are required to follow the steps given below:
1 Logon to Microsoft Windows 8 computer.
2 From the available options on the screen click on Desktop.
Click on Desktop Icon
3 On the desktop screen right click anywhere and from the context menu go to New.
4 From the appeared submenu click on Shortcut option.
Click on Desktop Icon
5 On Create Shortcut window type cmd /c “echo off | clip” command and click on Next button.
Type the Mentioned Command
6 On the next window type the name of the shortcut which in this example is “Clear Clipboard” . You can specify any name of your choice.
Give Your Shortcut a Name
7 Click on Finish button to create the shortcut.
8 You can now double-click the shortcut to clear clipboard.

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