Productivitiy: How to Quickly Resize Photos in Windows 8

To become more productive in Windows 8 there are various tools e.g. to quickly resize photos and stuff.

How to Quickly Resize Photos in Windows 8

What do you need to resize photos?

While working on Windows 8 there might be times when you might want to resize some images so that they can be uploaded or used at several places like Internet, PowerPoint slides, etc. Although one of the best software applications for image editing is Adobe Photoshop but the problem with that is that it is expensive to purchase. Moreover, it doesn’t sound worthy to invest that much of amount just to resize images.

To overcome these consequences there are several free applications which are available on the Internet which can be downloaded and installed to solve the purpose. These applications help you resize the images easily and quickly and many times the software applications can resize multiple images in a single go. One software application that falls under this category is Light Image Resizer that allows you to resize multiple images in a single go.

As a Windows 8 user if you want to resize multiple images using Light Image Resizer you can follow the steps given below:

1 Logon to Windows 8 computer with any account that has administrative privileges.
2 Download and install Light Image Resizer application.
3 Open the folder in which all the images which are required to be resized are stored.
4 Select all the images that you want to resize.
5 Right click on any one image and from the context menu click on Light Image Resizer option.
Click on Light Image Resizer from Context Menu
6 On the opened box make sure that you are on Options tab.
8 Select appropriate profile with desired height and width measurements from the drop-down list available in front of Profile label.
Select Appropriate Profile from the List
8 Finally click on Process button to resize all the images in a single go.
Click on Process Button

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