Privacy Feature: Windows 8 To Maintain Default Do Not Track In IE10

Microsoft has declared that they will maintain ‘Do Not Track’ as default on Windows 8 IE10, letting users change the setting if they want to at log in.

Do Not Track to be on by default on IE10 says Microsoft

‘Do Not Track’ On By Default On IE10 In Windows 8

Do No Track is the latest attempt against giving the regular user some semblance of control over their own privacy online. It is a browser side feature that tells the websites one simple but crucial thing — it is NOT okay to track the individual who is surfing right now. It is of course up to the website whether it wants to follow this mandate or not, for now. But larger websites are all opting in and major browsers already have the feature. Microsoft is the maker of one of those browsers — IE10.

Internet Explorer 10 or IE10 has we usually call it, is the default browser and the engine behind the new Windows 8 Metro interface. Microsoft has declared that it will leave ‘Do No Track’ on by default on the browser, letting user change the settings if they want to during the initial set up. So if users are unaware of the feature or choose to take no action, they will be protected from tracking by default. These setting choices come in after Windows has been installed and before IE10 runs for the first time. It is often referred to as the “first-run” options.

Microsoft will also provide the user with default set of settings such ‘Express’ which allows the user to choose from recommended settings. For those who want advanced control over their browser, there’s the customize feature on IE10. This allows the user to individually turn features on and off. If the users choose the ‘Express’ settings, they will still a “prominent” notice that informs them about DNT being switched on. This scenario represents the best blend of user choice and default protection that we have seen so far.

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