Print Center: Windows 8 Makes Printing Less Of A Nightmare

Microsoft has made the printing process much easier on Windows 8 after changing out the old architecture for a new one.

Microsoft Makes Printing Experience smoother on Windows 8

Printing On Windows 8 To Be Smoother Than Previous Versions OF Windows

Those who do various complex printing tasks on Windows on a regular basis will bear testimony to the fact that it is a process that feels like it was designed to cause technical nightmares on a fairly regular basis. Microsoft has long been aware of the various problems and it seems like they were waiting for a rehaul such as Windows 8 to fix the problem once and for all.

The first sign of the streamlining that has occurred is the fact that the 768MB space that was required on Vista for the printing set up is now just 184MB on Windows 8. There’s a much better support for common contemporary printers right out of the box. So many of you would not even have to install the drivers for your printer.

Microsoft has also done the one thing that should have been done a long time back — standardizing the printing experience. Separating Windows the various strange UIs from various manufacturers and putting a Metro style experience wherever necessary; Microsoft has really made an effort to make things easier for the common user. These changes are also to be felt on ARM-based devices, where the new system will ease the load on the processor. This in turn will lead to better performance and will also save battery life.

Team program lead Adrian Lannin seemed to unwittingly repeat a line that Apple has been using for a long time to describe its own products — “it just works.” Of course, we will still have to see just how much of it really does work when the OS comes out on the 26th of October later this year. But for what’s it worth, it looks like it will be visibly better than anything we have seen on Windows already.

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