Rumor: Portable Windows 8 Workspace

Windows 8 build 7850 leaked onto the various torrent sites and unveiled that Windows 8 will include “portable workspaces”, which basically allow you to put Windows 8 on a USB stick.

Portable Windows 8 Workspace

Portable workspaces will be a quite handy feature that will allow you as the name suggest to take Windows 8 wherever you go. Who hasn’t dreamed of this? A portable Windows? How awesome is that? Seriously, if I could take Windows 8 with me, I’d never switch back to the standard desktop version and run the portable version all the time.

Let’s take a look at this new feature:

Portable Workspace Creator

At the bottom of the screenshot it says “The selected device is too small for use with Portable Workspace. Select a device that is at least 16GB in size.”

The USB device needs a minimum of 16GB of space. With USB storage sizes increasing every month, this isn’t really an issue and I sure as hell wouldn’t use a USB device with only little free disk space.

Hopefully, this will not cause too many blue screens. I could imagine this is quite a programming hell, because you have to take so many things into consideration. On the other hand, it’s already possible to install Windows 7 on a portable external HDD drive quite easily. However, as you might be aware there’s always a problem with activation issues. As soon as you change any hardware you will have to re-register your product key. This is normally not a problem, but it’s quite annoying honestly. If Portable Workspace will get rid of all the problems, I am sure that many users will appreciate this new feature.

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