Playing Java Games: How to play Minecraft in Windows 8 ?

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Are you an avid fan of Minecraft and want to play Minecraft right now on Windows 8? Nothing easier than that, follow this tutorial.

Playing Minecraft on Windows 8

Minecraft is a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine. It is an online game.
Though it was pretty good till with windows 7. This polpular game had no issue with Windows 8’s predecessor. But somehow, It creates
problems in Windows 8.
In these tutorial, you can learn how to play Minecraft in Windows 8.

1. If you want to play Minecraft for free, please download this file from

2. Right-click on My Computer and select Property.


3. Now click on Advanced Sytem Settings


4. Now click on the Environment Variables button below.


5. Next click on the New button just below the variable names.

Add Variables

6. In the Variable name section, type Path.
in the Variable Values type the directory where JDK is installed in your machine.
Note, JDK is needed here, not JRE

Variable details

Now click OK thrice to confirm this Path Setting.

7. Now right click on the Minecraft application downloaded from above source and select Run As Administrator.


8. Now the Login Screen will appear. Leave the User name blank and click on Enter Game.

Minecraft Login

Now after downloading the necessary files from internet, your Minecraft will be ready for playing.

Minecraft Play

Note , if anything goes wrong, repeat steps 7 and 8.

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7 Responses

  1. xXx said:

    What the fuck is JDK.

  2. yYy said:

    JDK stands for Java Development Kit, while JRE is the Java Runtime Environment.

    The Development Kit is for Developing or “Creating” Java applications, and the Runtime Environment is for running the finished product.

    Dont see why you would need the development kit for this but I could be wrong dont program in Java and after seeing the Windows 8 beta I went back to using Ubuntu and XP

  3. player said:

    This does not work, at least not in my computer
    It keeps on with the same error (bad video drivers)

  4. kdl said:

    your running this tutorial for windows 7, the appearance told me that. This isn’t going to work on the windows 8 for real.

  5. sOliver said:

    kdl, if you look closely you can see that it’s on Windows 8 – in fact an early version of Windows 8 called Developer Preview. However, this works just fine on the latest version as well.

    Give it a try, it works just fine, but if you run into problems you can post your problems with java below

  6. Dave said:

    Doesn’t work in the production release of Win 8

  7. Florian said:

    well it works but there is a problem.. i cannot update it what is making this kinda useless :S

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