Playing Games: How to reduce latency (ping) in Windows 8

You constantly have a high latency / ping in games while playing on Windows 8? No worries, we’ve got you covered! Let’s reduce that latency.

Reduce Latency

What is latency?

The time taken to send a package(unit of data) between two points in a network is called latency.
In other words, we can say, latency is the delay that may be found in audio or video transmission because of
inherent limitations of a digital system. Latency generally increases when more bandwidth is required than
available bandwidth.

In TCP-IP error control mechanism windows sends an ACKNOWLEDGEMENT message to the sender
(e.g. Game server) to confirm network package is successfully received (from the sender). The sender
(e.g. Game server) waits until it receives the ACKWOLEDGEMENT message from the receiver
(Windows) for the last sent network package before sending another network package to receiver (windows).
So, any congestion in Network can increase latency.

Low Latency Network and its advantages

In low latency network the design of the system, hardware and protocols are in such a manner that it minimizes the time taken to move units of data between any two points on that network.

Some applications are more affected by latency and reduced latency helps them to be worked properly. Like:-
Voice based applications (VoIP)

Networked Games (LAN and online gameplay)

Streaming (Audio or Video)

Sometimes while playing games (like Counter strike, FIFA, age of emperor etc.) over LAN you may experience audio or video is very jerky because of higher latency.
By reducing the latency you can improve Networked or Online games.

Enabling the TCPNoDelay we can reduce latency.
Follow these steps properly to reduce latency in Windows 8.

Steps to reduce latency in windows 8

1. Press window+R to start “Run”prompt.
and type regedit in Run then click on OK.

Open Registry Editor

2. In Registry Editor, go to the string HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\Tcpip\Parameters\Interfaces

3. Now, under interfaces, there may be multiple entries, open those and search for a specific string which has IPAddress or DhcpIPAddress entry in right panel. If you find more than one strings have one of these entries in their right panel then choose the string having the highest entries in its right panel. In my case the name of the subfolder/string is {8C0B804C-97F5-4ACD-929D-13346E8C419B}.

{8C0B804C-97F5-4ACD-929D-13346E8C419B} string

4. Right click on the string {8C0B804C-97F5-4ACD-929D-13346E8C419B} then click on New -> DWORD (32-bit) Value.

Click on DWWorD 32 bit

5. Now name it TcpAckFrequency

Name it TcpAckFrequency

6. Right click on TcpAckFrequency and select Modify.

Click on Modify

7. Now change Value data from “0” to “1” and press OK.

Change TcpAckFrequency Valu Data

8. Repeat Step 4 and name it TCPNoDelay and like previous change its Value data to “1”.

Now, reboot your system. You are done. Latency is successfully reduced and you can experience this change while playing online or LAN games.

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