People Will Buy Less PCs Thanks To Windows 8: Analysts

Analysts have predicted that people will actually buy less PCs this year thanks uncertainties related to Windows 8.

Microsoft might release its own Windows 8 tablet

PC Sales Will Take A Hit This Year Due To Windows 8

An analyst from the research firm Gartner has predicted a further slowing down of PC sales this year thanks to the uncertainties and confusions related to Windows 8. According to Gartner’s new lowered predictions for the market, PCs will see a 0.9 percent barely-there growth this year, compared to the already low 4.4 percent last year. The prediction for 2013 has also been lowered from the previously estimated 11.9 percent to the now 11.1 percent.

The reasons given include the confusion regarding the upcoming Windows 8 OS from Microsoft and its touch-centric approach. Windows desktops have not had to deal with a touch-centric OS ever and it will take some amount of transition time to get from the current ‘negative’ approach to Metro and get to consumers being ‘positive’ about. Of course, this is also because the product has not been released yet and everybody is basing their opinion on the preview releases and hearsay.

Another reason, that has already been cited before, is the cannibalization by tablets and smartphones. A lot of people are replacing their PCs with mobile devices such as an iPad or a Samsung Galaxy Android smartphone because these devices take care of their basic computing needs whilst being extremely portable (and trendy). Most customers whose requirements are limited to checking email, reading news and surfing the web along with some entertainment such as music and videos, are perfectly happy with modern mobile devices. This comes at the cost of PCs, which get ignored in the process.

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