PC Markets Show Overall Slow Down As Windows 8 Approaches

Consumers are clearly stalling for Windows 8 and it shows in the PC market as an overall slump that has caused HP to slide down from number one position to number two.

PC Market slumps badly right before Windows 8 release

Windows 8 Causes PC Markets To Almost Grind To A Halt

Gartner just announced that HP has lost the number one position in the PC Market according to their calculations and has been replaced by Lenovo. IDC still regard HP has number one though but even they would concede that HP is only there by a tiny margin that can go as soon as the next quarter results. As it turns out, the PC market has really taken hit over the last quarter.

According to data produced by IDC, the PC market showed a sharp decline over the last quarter and registered an 8.6% decline in global shipping year-on-year. This figure is quite big compared to the 3.8% that was forecasted by IDC for the relatively inactive quarter as all companies ceased major activities to concentrate on Windows 8.

Rival research firm Gartner has almost similar results. It says the shipments lost by 8.3% instead of 8.6%. Gartner too had predicted a lower decline rate but at 6.5% it is almost double that of the 3.8% predicted by IDC.

Both research firms had similar things to say on the situation, calling out the weak performance of the Back to School promotions that failed to attract much sales. The PC market has continued to lose out to tablets and smartphones as consumers increasingly look toward different devices to carry everyday with them. And this last quarter was especially bad because pretty much everybody is stalling to see how Windows 8 will turn out.

Analysts at HIS iSuppli also release figures that say PC shipments will fall in 2012 for the first time after the 2001 Dot-Com crash more than a decade back.

In the light of such news, many analysts are speculating about the end of the PC era and the take over of the tablet and smartphone. Given the consumer behavior, it is not hard to imagine a world where Windows 8 is the number OS but only because of the number of tablets and Smartphones it is on and not actual PCs.

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