Organize: How to Name or Rename a Group of Apps On Your Windows 8 Start Screen?

Here’s how to Name or Rename a Group of Apps on your Windows 8 “Start” Screen

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In Windows 8, Microsoft has elevated the Graphical User Interface (GUI) to a heavenly place for all type of User. Microsoft has ditched the Start button in Windows 8, replacing it with a Start Screen that uses Metro UI, with large tiles for launching apps. A tile is a preview thumbnail image which is placed on the Metro UI, alternative to the classic shortcut of any application.

Types of Application tile

Broadly , there are two types of tiles are placed on the Metro UI. Metro Apps Tile & Non-Metro tiles or Standard Application tile . Metro Application Tiles are placed to launch Metro Applications, like ‘Picture’ ,’Music’, ‘Video’ etc. all types of metro applications.
And, whenever you install any software in windows, a thumbnail image is placed on the Metro Start screen. Without these application Programs, default windows applications like command prompt, Notepad etc. are also placed in Metro start screen (But they are kept invisible until we go the ‘All app page’). They are ‘non-Metro apps’ tile.

What is Application group

Windows 8 gives you full permission to customising the Metro Start skin visualization. You can change background image, add new thumbnail (i.e. tile), make them larger or shorter, even unpin from start menu also. Now imagine, you are using lots of application program in your windows 8 PC, and as well as your beautiful metro Skin gone dirty with lots of tiles kept side by side. Windows 8 provides a mean to arrange tiles together and label them by your own choice. These are called Application group.

How to name a group of Apps

1. To arrange tiles to create a new group, drag the tiles in an Empty Space in the start menu, and place them side by side window will automatically arrange them. Or Select multiple tiles by continuously Right click on the tiles and drag them to an empty space.

Select multiple tiles by right click and drag

2. Look Right Bottom corner on the Metro Start Menu. There is a icon like Magnifying Glass. Press to zoom in the Metro skin

Press the zoom icon at right bottom corner

3. Select the group you want to assign a name and Right Click on it.

Right click on the group

4 . Click on the ‘Name group’. In the new dialogue box, put the desired name for your group. Then click ‘ Name’ .

put a name for the group

Now return to the home screen, and you will notice the name is labelled at the top of the group.

How to rename a group of Apps

4. Follow the steps from 2 to 4, to rename the group.

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