Optimize Windows 8 For Gaming (Minecraft, Mass Effect 3 And Co)

If you want to play games on Windows 8, you should definitely consider optimizing it to get a better frame rate. Higher FPS makes your gaming experience much smoother.
How to Optimize Windows 8 for Gaming

Tip: While the tip below is definitely a start, you should also consider regular driver updates, disk defragmentation, uninstalling unused programs, frequent maintenance, optimizing your SSD if you have one, disabling background programs.

Why Optimization is Necessary?

Microsoft Windows 8, which is the latest operating system and is yet to be fully released by Microsoft, is resource enriched OS which by default is completely optimized for gaming. However with some additional configurations users can make Windows 8 run more smoothly while playing games on it.

Whenever a PC game is installed on a computer the very first thing that appeals the player is its graphics. This further means that in order to optimize Windows 8 users are required to configure their operating systems in such a way so that the graphics which are displayed while playing games become clearer.

As a Windows 8 user if you want to optimize your operating system for gaming you can follow the steps given below to increase its performance:
1 Logon to your Windows 8 computer with the account that has administrative privileges.

2 From the available options click on Desktop.
Click on Desktop Icon

3 On the desktop screen right click on Computer icon and from the context menu click on Properties option.
Click on Properties Option

3 On the opened window click on Advanced system settings link from the left pane.
Click on Advanced system settings Link

4 On System Properties the box make sure that you are on Advanced tab and click on Settings button under Performance section.
Click on Settings Button

5 On Performance Options box make sure that you are on Visual Effects tab and from the available radio buttons click on the one that says Adjust for best performance to select.
Click on Adjust for best performance Radio Button

6 Finally click on Ok button to save the changes.

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