Oprah Promotes Microsoft Surface Tablet On Twitter Through Her iPad

Oprah tweets praising the Surface tablet from her iPad In one of the most glaring PR gaffes related to Microsoft’s new Surface tablets, Oprah Winfrey (of the Oprah Show) tweeted about how much she likes the new Microsoft tablets from her iPad.

Windows 8 Yet To Get An Official Twitter Client

Highlighting the fact that the likes of Twitter still don’t have an official app out for Windows 8, Oprah Winfrey tweeted her liking for the Microsoft Surface tablets from her iPad. Of course, she was not making a technological point here. It was just another one of those high profile media gaffes that really should not have happened. So what is Oprah saying about the latest and greatest innovation from Microsoft?

She said she likes the new tablets so much that she has already bought 12 of them as gifts for people. Now that’s pretty tall praise for any tablet when you buy a dozen of them, even if they are for giving away.

The source of the tweet isn’t always visible but then if you are using third-party apps to access Twitter, you are mostly likely to see the place it was sent from. And it clearly says it came via “Twitter for iPad”. It’s not like twitter is completely inaccessible from the Windows 8 Surface tablets. You can still go to the official website via the tablet and access Twitter that way. There are also some third party apps that were on Windows 8 but then there’s still no official ‘Twitter for Windows 8’ app. And the same hold true for Facebook.

These are some of those small reasons that really pile up and affect conversions and sales of a new platform. People who have been contemplating buying these tablets for the holidays are still going to be in two minds. However, it is important to remember that it is still very new and there are third party applications that can be used instead. So the user won’t be completely stymied as some reports would have you believe. Over all, the Surface tablets are still pretty well equipped to handle your workload.

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