Oi! Windows 8 RT Tablets OEMs Finally Revealed

Microsoft has finally announced the names of the vendors who are manufacturing Windows 8 RT tablets for the upcoming Windows 8 launch.

Microsoft announces Windows 8 RT Tablet manufacturers

Microsoft Reveals 4 Manufacturers For Windows 8 RT Tablets

Microsoft has been very picky about who is allowed to work on Windows 8 RT Tablets. So far we only knew the partners that the 3 chosen ARM chipmakers were allowed to work with for such tablets but the final list was not clear up until now. Today Microsoft has announced the names of 4 manufacturers who are going to be present with Windows 8 RT tablets during the Windows 8 launch later this year.

These four manufacturers are — Samsung, Lenovo, Dell and Asus. These manufacturers are only allowed to use chips from Qualcomm, NVidia and Motorola. These are all ARM chips that have been built based on the reference designs made by ARM Holdings’ SoC (System on a Chip) design. Windows 8 RT tablets seem to be the only kind of Windows 8 tablets that will be on offer at the 26th October launch. Intel-based Windows 8 tablets are said to be delayed till early next year.

Microsoft has good reasons to be so picky about the Windows 8 RT partners and to separate its launch from the Intel-based tablets. Windows 8 RT is that part of the newly unified Windows platform that will tackle the giants of the tablet world — iOS and Android. So it is understandable that Microsoft wants to provide the market with clear-cut options and the products with a clear runway for takeoff. How they fare in the holiday season this year will likely determine a large part of Microsoft’s future in the tablet business; business that is currently dominated by Apple at well over the 50% mark.

Aside from these partner produced tablets, Microsoft will also produce a self-branded Windows 8 RT tablet called the Surface RT. This will also be available on the 26 of October.

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