Official Windows 8 Wallpaper

Here are the latest official Windows 8 wallpaper taken from Windows 8 build M3!

Official Windows 8 Wallpapers

The Windows 8 Fish

On the latest official Windows 8 wallpaper we can see a small hint at the Windows fish:

Windows 8 Fish

The wallpaper is not very spectacular and you can expect a lot more high-quality wallpaper in upcoming Windows 8 beta builds (Beta 1, Beta 2, Beta 3)

There are also a couple other “official” Windows 8 wallpapers from the M3 build:

Official Windows 8 Wallpaper Green

Official Windows 8 Wallpapers (Overview)


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Download Wallpapers

We prepared a new Windows 8 themepack theme with all wallpapers for you!

Download Windows 8 Wallpaper

Download Windows 8 Themepack

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