Office Software: Windows 8 RT Will Have Office 2013 RT Preview At Launch

Microsoft Windows 8 RT devices will apparently be at the disadvantage of carrying Office 2013 RT preview version at launch.

Microsoft Office 2013 RT will come as preview on initial Windows 8 RT devices

Windows 8 RT To Come With Office 2013 RT Preview Version

Windows 8 RT will be coming out alongside of Windows 8 this October. Microsoft is preparing a Intel-based Surface version to release early next year, missing the holiday rush. It will come out right after most of the eager Windows 8 consumers have bought ARM devices instead. And they will have to bear with Office 2013 RT preview version.

Windows 8 RT will apparently come out with the preview version of Microsoft’s popular productivity suite. It will be missing some key features like macros, third-party plugin capabilities, VBA support and more. Those close to the development process have said that these features have proved to be battery drainers. Hence Microsoft is busy figuring out ways to include them without killing the tablet batteries.

Office is of course one of the main trump cards that Microsoft has to play to make Windows 8 popular on tablets. Professionals would love a tablet that can handle their productivity demands with Excel, PowerPoint and Word. And this productivity is what Microsoft has been trying to sell when it comes to shoehorning Windows 8 tablets in to the enterprise.

The story was originally reported by The Verge and they are guessing the new version won’t be coming in too late in to the game. Their guess is that it will come out in early 2013, which puts it right around the Intel-based Surface tablet release. Consumers who are looking for the mobility offered by an ARM device will have to make do for the time being. Others can of course dig right in with Intel-based Windows 8 tablets from other manufacturers. These will run Office 2013 just fine and most of them come with Transformer Prime style keyboard docks for extra battery and a physical keyboard.

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