Nook Running Windows 8 Rumored For Late September Launch

Here we go, the rumors about a Windows 8 version of the B&N Nook e-Reader have already started to go around.

Rumor suggests new Windows 8 Nook coming in late September from Barnes & Noble

Windows 8 Nook In The Pipeline For September: Rumors

The talks of a new Nook running on Windows 8 have been around from the time when we first learned about Microsoft’s tie up with Barnes & Noble (the company behind Nook). And so this latest rumor does not really tell us anything new except for the supposed release date. According to the latest in rumorsville, a new Nook running Windows 8 is supposed to be launched late September. And that means it can be launched within the next two to three weeks.

The news was first leaked to Digital Trends where the anonymous sources revealed nothing about the specs of this alleged Nook device. Instead they said the release would happen through a conference that will be held in September. No specific date, availability details or pricing details were given out. This looks suspiciously like a controlled leak that companies often do to create buzz before a product launch.

Whether it is a controlled leak or an anonymous tipster or just a few lines of pure fiction, there’s sure to be some presence of B&N in the upcoming Windows 8 launch. And if there’s indeed a Nook in the making that will be running on Windows 8, it will probably not run on x86. That would make it lose its competitive edge with the two top tablets in the market – the iPad from the Apple and the Fire (and Fire HD) from Amazon. Instead it is likely to be based on an ARM processor and running Windows 8 RE.

Of course, all of this is purely speculation and there’s no way of knowing for certain if at all B&N is working on a Windows 8 Nook device. So take these rumors with a healthy dose of salt and keep an eye here for further developments.

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