Nokia Windows 8 Smartphone Coming Out On September 5

Nokia and Microsoft are apparently going to jointly unveil a Windows 8 smartphone this September, a Finnish newspaper reported earlier today.

News report suggests Nokia launching Windows 8 phone on September 5 with Microsoft

Windows 8 Smartphone Coming Out On September 5

Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat (the largest daily by circulation in that country), reported about a September 5 Windows 8 smartphone launch earlier today. It did not cite any sources but said Microsoft and Nokia will be jointly launching a Windows 8 Smartphone on that day. About one and a half months ahead of the actual Windows 8 launch, this would be more of a curtain raiser than an actual release.

The newspaper also stated that Nokia might also unveil its first tablet computer at the event. This would mark a complete change in production for Nokia that was earlier fully reliant Symbian. As the smartphone market skyrocketed and shot past anything Symbian could hope to achiever, Nokia had begun its desperate search for a viable alternative. Microsoft was also looking to step back in to the smartphone game after getting left behind by Apple and then Google. So the two formed an alliance last year and have already produced the well-received Lumia line of phones.

Everyone all over the world is already looking forward to the next Windows Phone devices and Nokia had promised earlier (albeit in a veiled manner) that they would be the first off the bat with Windwos Phone 8. So if this report is true, it would definitely be a boost for the ailing Finnish phone giant.

Nokia used to be the largest cellular handset manufacturer in the world with over 40% global market share. Current rumors suggest that that figure has now dropped below 20%. Samsung has overtaken Nokia as the world’s largest phone manufacturer and also for the largest seller of smartphones thanks to its Android smartphones. Incidentally, Samsung is also working on its own version of Windows Phone 8, which will be part of the Galaxy series of smartphones.

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