Nokia Says Windows 8 Tablet Reports Are “Misconstrued”

Jorma Ollila’s statement regarding the company’s interest in tablet devices was widely reported as an acknowledgement of Windows 8 tablet device and now Nokia has decided to deny everything.
Nokia denies Windows 8 Tablet reports as ‘misconstrued’

Nokia Calls Out Jorma Ollila Reports On Windows 8 Tablets

Nokia has denied the reports published earlier that cited Jerom Ollila’s statements as proof of the existence of Windows 8 tablets in Nokia labs. Nokia says these reports are ‘misconstrued’ and Ollila said no such thing. Whilst that is technically correct, Ollila said everything about the tablets and hybrid smartphones except two things — the timeframe for launch and the platform they would be running on.

Other than that, he mentioned Nokia’s interest in various form factors and their commitment to providing convergence across devices through a single unifying platform. Put together with their recent tryst with Microsoft, there’s really only one platform that can tie tablets, smartphones, PCs and hybrids together and that is the upcoming Windows 8 OS.

What Nokia is trying to do here is to dissuade people from taking this as an official statement because that would get them in to more than just legal trouble. Companies avoid announcing products and developments prematurely to avoid damaging sales of existing products on the market.

There have already been enough rumors about current Lumia phones not supporting future OS’, so reports like these could further hurt Nokia’s case in the market.

Rumors about a possible Nokia Tablet have been circulating ever since the first Lumia phones were launched, with statements going back and forth between Nokia heads and industry rumormongers. There’s really no telling when Nokia will unveil their tablet but it officially cannot be before Windows 8 itself launches. Hence, there’s still time for this to happen. It is quite possible Nokia will be releasing the tablet/s right around the Windows 8 launch around October. Or may be even a bit later in the year but still early enough to cash in on the holiday rush.

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