Nokia Once Again Hints At Windows 8 Tablet

After revealing the two new Windows 8 smartphones, there’s now news of Nokia once again hinting at a Windows 8 tablet.

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop hints at Nokia Windows 8 Tablet

Windows 8 Tablet Coming From Nokia

Nokia is of course focused on Windows Phone 8 and we have already seen the official announcement of the two new Windows Phone 8 devices. So when it came to an interview of Nokia’s present CEO Stephen Elop, he was of course asked about the next device format that is on everybody’s mind — tablets. Here’s what Elop had to say on the matter:

“We have not announced any tablets, but I think the opportunity is very clear…People today increasingly are looking for a common digital experience between their smartphone and tablet, with a PC, and with their gaming platform, and so there’s clearly an opportunity across there. This is something that we’re looking at very closely.”

If Nokia is indeed working on a Windows 8 tablet and it does sounds like they are, it will not be a first time for the Finnish (former) giant. Some of our readers, if not many, would remember the Booklet 3G that Nokia had brought with a lot of hope. It ultimately led to naught but then at least the device itself was well-made that delivered all the promised features.

Elop went on to say that Microsoft’s dedication to the platform makes it the perfect time for getting in to the computing business. The unified experience of the entire platform makes it easy for anybody to jump between devices because other the difference screen sizes, most other things remain the same. And if you are relying solely on the Metro interface (or Windows 8 interface, as Microsoft calls it now), things will be the same no matter where you go.

Windows 8 is in fact the best bet any company has to jump device formats such as smartphones to tablets and beyond. Anybody who is working with any version of Windows 8 theoretically has the necessary platform to build a computing device.

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