News: Windows 8 RTM Shipped To Manufacturers, Final Lock Screen Images Leaked Online

Microsoft is almost ready to ship out the RTM (Release To Manufacturing) build of Windows and in the meantime the build has already leaked online.

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Windows 8 RTM Build Leaked, Lockscreen Image Shows Up Online

Windows 8 is almost here and there’s a lot of talk about the RTM build that is coming up next week. As per the last heard rumors, Microsoft will be unable to use the build 8888 for their RTM build as the vendors have been expecting. Microsoft uses a very complex system for numbering its builds so there’s no telling exactly why they won’t be able to use this number. Instead, the magic number now is 9200. Windows 8 build 9200 is now apparently in the preparation mode for RTM and is currently busy churning out the several different SKUs and language variations that will go to the partners.

Meanwhile, one of the builds – 9200.16384.WIN8_RTM.120725-1247 – has been reportedly leaked to Win8China and they have posted the final image of the lock screen as proof along side the default wallpaper for the system.

Microsoft of course has been mum about the entire affair. All of these numbers are mere rumors till the confirmation is had from the company itself. And it will come only next week when Microsoft finally announces RTM build. This build is not going to have a preview and will be directly distributed to the hardware partners of Microsoft. These are the same partners who are preparing new hardware pieces for Windows 8 such as tablets and Ultrabooks.

This is the RTM build for the main Windows 8 distribution. There has been no leak or rumor about Windows 8 RT of late. From what we last heard of the system, it was already being distributed to select partners. These partners in turns have already started working on their own devices.

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