News: Windows 8 App Store Reaches New Milestone At 20,000 Apps

Windows 8 Store now boasts of 20,000 apps and counting The Windows 8 app store has crossed the 20,000 apps mark and even though it seems insignificant when compared to the 700,000 iOS apps and 600,000 Android apps, this is a major achievement for Microsoft

Windows 8 Now Has Over 20,000 Apps

The Windows 8 app store has finally crossed the 20,000 apps mark on Tuesday according to a report published by Wes Miller who has been observing the Windows 8 app store since the very beginning. And according to what he has to say, about 18,000 or 87% of all the apps are free apps. Also, this an absolute worldwide number and all the apps may not be available in all regions. So that regional counts will vary accordingly. But globally the new platform has over 20,000 apps.

In comparison to the only two other significant app stores, Microsoft’s achievement seems trivial. Apple has over 700,000 apps for its iOS and Google has over 600,000 apps for Android. However, Microsoft has only recently joined the game and the numbers look very promising for the Redmond company. The rate at which these apps were added to the store is quite commendable. If the math is done, it would show about 500 apps per day that were added to the store. This was discussed by Next Web.

And so if the rate is maintained over the rest of the year, Microsoft could be pulling about 40,000 apps before we have had a chance to say goodbye to 2012. And the holiday shopping spree should keep things moving along nicely for everybody involved. Developers are right now trying to meet their deadlines before the holidays hit and everybody starts to look for a new Windows 8 PC to buy.

However, even this speed is not enough to meet the 100,000 apps in 90 days target that Microsoft had set for itself. It must also be remembered that the Windows 8 store is more like the Mac App Store from Apple and there’s nothing comparable on Google’s side. So direct comparisons to iOS and Android apps cannot be made.

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