New Wyse Thin Clients Coming From Dell, Targeted At Windows 8

It has hardly been two months since Dell’s acquisition of the thin-client company Wyse and they are already spreading the word for selling these clients for the upcoming Windows 8 OS.

Dell preparing to launch Windows 8 compatible Wyse Thin Clients Soon

Wyse Thin Clients Soon To Come From Dell For Windows 8

Dell recently acquired Wyse — the maker of Thin clients and now the former is talking about Wyse Thin clients coming soon for use with Windows 8. The Thin clients have all be modified to work with Windows 8 in a touch-based environment and they will be unveiled at the VMWorld conference organized by VMWare at San Francisco about a month from now between 26th and 30th August. This information was given out by Jeff McNaught, the chief strategy and marketing officer for the Wyse business unit within Dell.

McNaught said the upcoming Windows 8 will upgrade the Wyse experience for users with its touch-based interface and its tablet-like use model. These thin clients would be quite useful at places such as information kiosks. He gave out no details regarding the kind of Wyse thin clients that Dell would selling but said it would be a “finely tuned” client for use with Windows 8.

Dell’s Wyse division sells a number of thin clients in the form of laptops, desktops, monitors and also zero client desktop boxes. These thin clients are then served up a desktop environment through a centralized or virtualized server. Wyse also has desktop virtualization tools remote desktop access. It has PocketCloud for Apple’s iOS based tablets and smartphones and also for those based on Google’s Android.

These thin clients generally run on either x86 or ARM and have a proprietary Linux based OS called ThinOS or other embedded Windows OSes. Put together, it is a good line of products that will help the modern Windows user with various cloud-based virtualization services.

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